My battle with shame and what I’m doing about it

Enjoyed the honesty in John’s blog and thought it would be good for my readers as well. Enjoy

John Eli

Perhaps you are thinking, “Why another blog John?” What could possibly compel you to recreate something that you have had in place for a while now? What’s the purpose of this and why should I even bother to check it out?

Each of these questions are worthy of an answer and I will do my best to give you the reader’s digest version of it. Packaged in a single sentence, the answer is simple……

“I am tired of being held captive by shame and refuse to be bound by it any longer”

I’ve fought many battles in my lifetime. The amount of challenges that I’ve faced in my life is almost unbelievable. I’d sit and share each of them with you one by one. However, I’m not about to put you through that kind of torture. What I will tell you is that I have, miraculously, emerged from each challenge…

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2 thoughts on “My battle with shame and what I’m doing about it

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m truly humbled by this. May God bless you big time. Bendiciones!


    1. You’re welcome. Keep up the good work. Bendiciones!


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